Specialist Mattress Bed Watch System

Product Identification Code: 22238
Category: Triggers
Sub Category: Bed and Chair Watch Systems

Compatible with:
All Care Home Systems

The Specialist Mattress Bed Watch System is specifically designed for monitoring residents with specialist mattresses i.e. memory foam. It has increased sensitivity and is installed underneath the mattress.

Available to 08 customers who had their Courtney Thorne system installed pre July 2012 and Economy+ customers.

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Specialist Mattress Bed Watch System


The leading names in the care home sector, as well as local independent providers throughout the UK are benefitting from our market leading nurse call technology.

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Many of the largest NHS Acute Trusts in England are now using a Courtney Thorne Nurse Call system, as well as Community Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts and Private Hospital Groups.

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