Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions can be viewed by clicking on the relevant question below.  For any questions you have that aren’t answered on this page, please call our customer service team on 0800 068 7419.

  • Is the system approved?
    The design and manufacture of our products comply with all healthcare regulations and are fully approved by the CE, DTI and by Heath Authorities and Social Services throughout the country.

    Our Altra Range for the hospital market is fully HTM 08-03 compliant, in line with the Department of Health specification for products used as Bedhead Services in UK Hospitals.

    To read more about our compliance with HTM 08-03, click here.

  • Is it interference free?
    Safeguards have been built into all Courtney Thorne Nurse Call Systems. Software screens out any unwanted signals from emergency services, mobile phones and other radio transmissions.
  • Will my building be suitable for nurse call technology?
    Our equipment has been installed in sites covering over 40 acres and in buildings constructed of solid stone.
  • My residents have special needs, can you help?
    In working with many specialist care organisations, we have designed a range of products for people with various disabilities such as the mouth adopter and air switch adaptor for residents with limited movement and the physically disabled.  We can also advise you on how best to cater for those residents with other complex needs, such as dementia.
  • Is the system reliable?
    All items are manufactured using the highest quality components and tested to ensure the system will continue working reliably for many years to come.
  • Is Wireless Nurse Call cost effective?
    The installation of the Courtney Thorne Wireless Nurse Call System has no hidden expenses. There is no cable to run, no trunking to fit, no chasing out of walls and no redecorating. The system can be installed in just a few hours. To read a case study on the cost of Wireless Nurse Call v Hard Wired Nurse Call, click here.
  • What is Altra Range?
    The Altra Range is our new Smart Nurse Call Range that combines Smart Mobile Technology with the best of Wireless Nurse Call. Packed with capability the system can connect via Bluetooth, RF and WiFi.
  • What warranty applies to which product?
    For the new Altra Range we are offering a 3 year warranty and for our older products (08, Economy+ and 433 systems) we offer a 1 year warranty.


The leading names in the care home sector, as well as local independent providers throughout the UK are benefitting from our market leading nurse call technology.

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Many of the largest NHS Acute Trusts in England are now using a Courtney Thorne Nurse Call system, as well as Community Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts and Private Hospital Groups.

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