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Posted on Mar 3, 2010


If the last year alone has taught the care industry anything it’s that infection control cannot be taken for granted. With the latest flu pandemic still in the forefront of everyone’s minds and MRSA a continual thought for all hospitals it is important that hygiene as well as an impeccable level of care is kept at the top of the agenda. According to a recent CQC report MRSA cases have reduced by 34%, there has been a 35% decrease in Clostridium difficile and patients are noticing an improvement in hospital hygiene.

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Although statistics show an improvement there is still a long way to go and with this in mind there are a number of products on the Wireless Radio Nurse Call market designed to assist hospitals in their battle to provide a continual standard of care whilst combating problematic germs.

Patient call units made with antimicrobial additives with flush buttons allowing touched surfaces to be sprayed with disinfectant for cleaning, coupled with pear push leads also made with antimicrobial additives and IP67 rated allowing them to be immersed in disinfectant are some of the latest additions to the Wireless Radio Nurse Call Systems.

Touchscreen Technology can be one of the most effective ways to offer staff peace of mind and simplicity. Touchscreen panels are available with extensive call logging and 10 year memory allowing on screen call analysis, multiple zones, call forwarding ability and staff presence to help ease stress in a busy hospital ward.

An addition which can be available on the Wireless market is a Radio Mains Switching Unit which can be utilised as a wireless switch for any mains powered device such as bedside lights. The flexibility of a wireless system allows individual customisation such as one display panel with wireless overdoor lights or multiple display panels and no overdoor lights or a combination all helping to identify the origin of a call aiding quick staff response.

The simplicity and versatility of a wireless system enables it to be quickly and efficiently installed, with minimum disruption and infection problems, offering the end user 100% reliability and up to date design-technology as well as most importantly offering flexibility in an ever changing environment. Many systems offer a bespoke design service allowing clients to utilise the products on offer to benefit their customers and staff efficiency. Back to back panels and call forwarding are just some of the features available on the Wireless Nurse Call market. In an industry that is under continual pressure on a daily basis, taking advantage of a Wireless system could significantly improve staff/patient relations as well as aid the Bacterial Battle and fight to keep on top of strict regulations.


The leading names in the care home sector, as well as local independent providers throughout the UK are benefitting from our market leading nurse call technology.

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Many of the largest NHS Acute Trusts in England are now using a Courtney Thorne Nurse Call system, as well as Community Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts and Private Hospital Groups.

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