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Challenge Alarms

Challenge Alarm Services is a family-run business located in North Devon. Established in 1991, the business covers South West England and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of fire alarm, intruder alarm, nurse call, CCTV, access control and emergency lighting systems in the healthcare sector.

Historically, Challenge Alarms had installed hardwired nurse call systems into hospitals and care homes. While installing a new alarm system for a local care home, Challenge was asked to replace the existing nurse call system – an old Courtney Thorne system which had been in place for over 15 years. Challenge contacted Courtney Thorne and worked together with the business on upgrading the system to Courtney Thorne’s latest wireless technology.

Justin Dennis, Managing Director of Challenge Alarms, explained: “Having traditionally partnered solely with a hardwired supplier, we were impressed with the simplicity and flexibility of the wireless system. We worked with Courtney Thorne on the installation and it became clear there was an opportunity for us to diversify our nurse call offering and utilise wireless.”

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that has allowed us to diversify our offering and means we are different from our competitors. We now have a very strong relationship with Courtney Thorne. Business is all about people – and the way we work together means we get the right solution for our customers.

Justin Dennis
Managing Director

Technology in Action

Shortly after, Challenge began a large contract for a local NHS hospital. Originally the hospital had specified a hardwired system as part of its refurbishment project, but the building had asbestos ceiling tiles which could not be disturbed, leading Challenge to recommend the Courtney Thorne system.

Courtney Thorne’s 08 wireless system was selected for the project. As well as the system not requiring any additional cabling or disruptive installation work, the wipe-clean, anti-microbial features assisted the hospital in maintaining its infection control standards.

The contract was completed successfully and both Challenge and the hospital saw the real benefits of wireless. Justin said: “The customer was really impressed with the Courtney Thorne technology and the fact our installation was so quick and hassle-free. The touchscreen’s capabilities exceeded their expectations and their staff found it straightforward to use.”

From these initial two contracts, the relationship between Challenge Alarms and Courtney Thorne developed quickly, resulting in a position today where Challenge now recommends the Courtney Thorne wireless system for the majority of its contracts.

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Many of the largest NHS Acute Trusts in England are now using a Courtney Thorne Nurse Call system, as well as Community Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts and Private Hospital Groups.

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