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University of Stirling – The Dementia Service Development Centre (DSDC)

Courtney Thorne’s Wireless nurse call technology has been chosen as part of an international showcase of technology that supports best practice in dementia care.

What is the DSDC?
The Dementia Service Development Centre (DSDC) at University of Stirling has been a leading international centre of knowledge and expertise, dedicated to improving the lives of people living with dementia for the past 25 years and advising those designing dementia care environments.

About the Design & Technology Suite
The DSDC includes a ‘Design & Technology Suite’ which showcases inspiring technology and equipment that can make a real difference to the day-to-day lives of people living with dementia and their carers. Designed by BPA Architecture, the Suite comprises two en-suite rooms and a sitting room/kitchenette layout that demonstrate best practice in design for dementia residents and incorporate technology that supports excellence in dementia care.

Courtney Thorne’s wireless nurse call systems have been specified for the DSDC Design & Technology Suite to demonstrate the flexibility and dementia-friendly features that wireless technology can offer to the healthcare professionals and carers who visit the centre from around the world.

The Design & Technology Suite aims to showcase some of the technical innovations available to professionals to help them implement best practice in dementia care. Courtney Thorne’s experience of specialist dementia environments and understanding of the needs of patients, staff and management teams was clear from the outset and the company has provided a system that clearly shows how flexible a wireless nurse call system can be in terms of both functionality and data capture.

Shirley Law
Head of Learning & Development at DSDC


Courtney Thorne’s wireless nurse call system was selected for the Design & Technology Suite thanks to a number of design features and the accurate data capture that it provides:

  • At the point of use, the call button is easy to hold and press for patients and includes a pictogram symbol that aids recognition in people living with dementia
  • The system is fully programmable to meet the needs of individual patients or care environments
  • The system’s flexibility aids futureproofing and enables changes to be made quickly and easily with no ‘dirty works’ to wiring, minimising disruption
  • The nurse call system can be used in silent mode, preventing noise that people living with dementia can find distressing
  • Staff can carry receivers in their pockets to alert them of a call instantly when they are away from the nurses’ station
  • The system includes pressure sensors which can be placed in the bed to alert staff if patients wander during the night
  • The data capture provided by the system can be used by management to plan staffing levels and care regimes
  • Data from the nurse call system can also be used to provide evidence based proof of call frequency and response times 


Courtney Thorne’s wireless nurse call technology has not only been chosen for the globally recognised Design & Technology Suite at the DSDC, it has also been proven to support best practice dementia care in a number of hospitals, including the Forget-Me-Not unit at Warrington Hospital.

Lee Bushell from Warrington Hospital explains: “Any hospital ward needs to use management information to monitor standards of care and plan staffing levels, but in a dementia unit that’s particularly important because staff ratios need to be higher and patients often become disoriented and may complain that nurses have taken too long to respond. The data recorded by the Courtney Thorne system ensures we have accurate information about response rates, helping us reassure relatives of the standard of care.”


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