How can cloud services benefit the healthcare sector?

Posted on Sep 7, 2017

Courtney Thorne's article features in Building Better Healthcare Journal


You store your pictures on Dropbox, you use iCloud with your iPhone and you listen to your music on Spotify; these cloud-based services make your personal life easier, but what does ‘Cloud’ have to offer to Healthcare organisations, their supply partners, patients, clinicians, clerical and management staff?

Since its inception many major corporations have developed a ‘Cloud’ for hosting their own and their customers’ data. Some have gone further offering their Cloud infrastructure as a subscription service to individuals and to other organisations. Health Groups, Trusts, clinicians, supply companies and front-line management in Healthcare might consider using these existing Cloud solutions for the following reasons:

  1. Ease of access — patient, system and organisational data sharing with instant access to statistics, reports, services, product information, and any legislative and procedural documentation, available from one central, secure and controllable place
  2. Sharing of information — as soon as information is uploaded, anyone with the right access can see it and use it. This enables a rapid reaction to internal and external events, getting the most up to date information into the right hands for making the right decisions, using the correct medication and learning, striving for the best outcomes
  3. Costs and efficiency — routine automatic uploads, coupled with built-in algorithms enable regular updates to be made available from a host of measurable data points. Patient vital signs, staffing and resource needs, building environment monitoring, supply of consumables, the list goes on.

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