Wired or Wireless nurse call system?

Posted on Nov 15, 2017

Wired or wireless nurse call system

Wondering what to choose – wired or wireless nurse call system for your care home or hospital? Let’s look briefly at the ‘pros and cons’ of wired and wireless nurse call applications.


Wired ‘pros’

  • Traditional and well-known technology.
  • Hardware costs can be lower, as there are no built-in radio modules.


Wired ‘cons’

  • Expensive to install and containerise.
  • Risk of damage to cables, and limited access to buried wires or wires contained with other services.
  • Rewiring needs residents’ rooms/wards to be completely empty, with all residents/patients moved, and is very expensive.
  • Cable termination points are fixed and costly to relocate, even by a few metres.
  • A single point of failure can result in complete system shutdown.


Wireless ‘pros’

  • No wires to install.
  • Device locations are not limited to cable termination locations.
  • Installation in a fraction of the time needed to install a wired solution.
  • No complete system shutdown due to single point of failure.
  • Bedside installation can take place in minutes, rather than days.
  • No need to vacate a hospital ward or resident’s room for repairs or installation.


Wireless ‘cons’

  • Hardware costs can be higher.
  • Regular battery changes are required (every 1-2 years)


If you want to find out more, see the case study ‘Wired vs Wireless’ for financial comparison.


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